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Top 10 Most Popular Games in 2024 with download Links

Hello everyone! Today we’re going to look at the Most Popular games in 2024. If you truly enjoy esports, you are aware of their current popularity. We’ll learn about a few of the games that gained popularity in 2024 in this post. Some of those games are also playable online as well as on Android devices.

Take on exciting journeys with the best games of 2024. Experience cutting-edge graphics, action-packed gameplay, and grand narratives. Today, let your inner gamer come out!”The year 2024 has seen the release of numerous games that have captivated the interest and passion of players all around the world in the constantly changing world of online gaming. Gamers have embraced a wide range of experiences, from the fast-paced action of first-person shooters to the strategic trickery of multiplayer games. Let’s examine the most played games of 2024 in more detail, as reported by the well-known gaming website that acts as a central location for fans looking for the newest and best in digital entertainment. 

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Call of Duty (COD): Mobile / Modern Warfare II

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A classic that has remained popular for years, Call of Duty still rules the gaming world in 2024. COD is well-known for its realistic graphics, captivating action, and assortment of game modes, making it suitable for players of all skill levels. The website cultivates a lively and involved player base by offering comprehensive information about the most recent updates, tactics, and community activities. 

Among Us

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In 2024, the social deduction craze that swept the gaming industry off its feet will continue to be well-liked. Players can discuss strategy, relive special events, and keep up with the latest developments on the website. With its unique mix of strategy, cooperation, and treachery, Among Us has established itself as a mainstay for online social events. 

Mini World - CREATA

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As a sandbox game that lets users express their creativity, Mini World Creata has carved out a niche for itself. Custom maps, game modes, and skins are just a few examples of the user-generated material that may be shared through the website. As users explore and create in this pixelated world, the website serves as an essential hub for inspiration and community interaction. 

Need For Speed-Unbound

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The franchise known for its high-octane thrills and heart-pounding races is rocketing into the top 10. The website acts as a central forum for talking about the newest vehicles, courses, and racing tactics. On the website’s forums and content sharing, the Need for Speed community flourishes as users compete in the virtual world of illicit street racing. 


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With its distinct fusion of character abilities and gunplay, Riot Games’ tactical shooter keeps players enthralled. The website functions as a tactical center for talking about agent strategies, selecting weapons, and keeping up with the competition landscape. Because of its emphasis on cooperation and deft gameplay, Valorant has become one of the most played games of 2024. 


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Fortnite remains a popular game in the world, attracting players with its dynamic terrain, interesting events, and colorful cosmetic selection. For fans of Fortnite, the website serves as a primary focus, including news about skins, challenges, and in-game events. Fortnite is still a dominant force in the game business thanks to its unique blend of creative and battle royale modes. 

League of Legends

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Continuing to be one of the most played and viewed games in 2024, League of Legends is a mainstay of the esports scene. The website provides a thorough forum for talking about patch changes, esports competitions, and champion strategy. A devoted player community remains enthralled with League of Legends due to its rich strategic gameplay and dynamic meta. 

Counter Strike

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Even in 2024, Counter-Strike remains a staple in the first-person shooter genre. For those who enjoy Counter-Strike, the website acts as a meeting spot with news, strategies, and assistance. For many years, the game has been at the forefront of competitive gaming because to its emphasis on collaboration and excellent gunplay. 

Candy Crush Saga

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Candy Crush still enthralls casual gamers in 2024, proving that legendary games can stand the test of time. Serving as a center for the Candy Crush community, the website provides hints, strategies, and a way for players to communicate. The game is a perennial favorite because of its basic yet addicting match-three gameplay and abundance of levels. 

War Robots

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War Robots is a multiplayer online combat game that is well-known in the mech warfare genre. Pilots can plan, share robot loadouts, and talk about the most recent upgrades on this page. War Robots has grown to be a favorite game among those looking for fierce mechanized combat because of its focus on customization and squad interaction.

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